Lorde- Melodrama


A few days ago, Lorde released her sophomore album, Melodrama. Similar to her first album, Pure Heroine, there is not one song that I can say is worse than another! Though some of her songs like “Green Light” and “Liability” have been out for a while, and many people know the songs, the album collectively does not sound generic, or how many popular artists sound currently. Through each song you can hear her true passion, and beautiful voice as she sings. Some songs that exemplify her vocals would have to be either “The Louvre” or “Writer in the Dark”. Overall the album has a few slower songs that make one really listen to her voice and what she is singing about, combined with very upbeat rhythms.


Though waiting for this album to drop, it was definitely worth it!




The 1975- MSG

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There can only be one word for this concert: absolute sensational. The typical small venue that The 1975 usually performs at transformed into the renowned Madison Square Garden that so many artists dream of performing at. The still up and coming band sold out the arena and was filled with such a positive spirit. Not only were the performers very energetic and the crowd fed on that energy, it felt like the 20,000 people knew each and every lyric they performed. This is very different than the typical show one might see of The 1975, due to the fact that they usually play smaller shows, it still felt intimate and personal.