My (current) favorite songs of 2017


Though the year has only just started, almost two weeks ago, I thought I’d list a few of my favorite songs that I have already found. I listen to music probably 95% of the time, and the style of music I listen to isn’t exactly what most people listen to. This is a list of 5 songs that I’ve been listening to recently, and a short description of why I like them.

1. A Change of Heart- The 1975

It’s a little difficult to say this is so far my favorite song of 2017 when it was my favorite song of 2016 as well, but something about this song is very different, and the lyrics really speak to me. The main singer is super talented, and I feel like this song almost tells a story as one listens to it

2. Are You Satisfied? – Marina and the Diamonds

I have never been the biggest Marina and the Diamonds fan, but after finding this album during the first days of the year I have not been able to stop listening to this song. I really like the fast pace at the beginning and the beat throughout the entire song– Marina’s emphasis when she’s singing is so amazing.

3. Guru- Coast Modern

My friend had recommended this song to me, and I was immediately obsessed with it because of the main singers voice, which sounds raw but still very talented. I love the way this song flows, and the beat is really powerful, it really makes the song sound up-lifting.

4. Heartlines- Broods

I am absolutely obsessed with this song, because of the main singers high, melodic sound that starts the song and is carried on throughout the chorus and the verses. She almost reminds me of Taylor Swift, the way that her songs sound.

5. Luv, Hold me Down- Drowners

It took me a few times to get seriously interested in this song, but I love the upbeat rhythm that is through his singing and the drums in the background. It is a little bit of a stretch from what I typically listen to, but I think the song is overall really cheerful as well. 


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