While looking around, I encountered a flock of monarch butterflies around a nearby park!




Over the summer, my friends and I styled a few looks for a class we were all taking. This happened to be one of my favorites, and we used a lot of intention in her entire outfit. We specifically wanted the parts of the outfit to contradict. We did this by pairing her more street appropriate outfit with the traditional books, to make the books feel somewhat “out of place” in the outfit.

Rei Kawakubo


A few weeks ago, I took a couple of friends to see a few exhibits at the Met. I particularly wanted to see the Rei Kawakubo/ Comme des Garçons show, as I had not seen it yet and heard amazing reviews. When I entered, I was stunned with how amazing the show looked. The way each piece was placed was very intricate and clearly took a lot of planning. The whole experience was amazing, and I was able to enjoy the remarkable work and every specific detail to each design. Though it was very crowded, I really enjoyed the display, and would definitely see it again!